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05.06.2010 The catalogue "world of automobile audio equipment", release 4/2010

In new number of catalogue "world of automobile audio equipment" Has come out is presented more than 3000 models, and also a novelty of audio equipment of 2010.
The magazine can be got in specialised shops "at the wheel" or in ours Internet shop.

24.05.2010 New electronic versions of catalogues in open access!

It is represented to your attention electronic catalogues:

"the world of automobile tuning. accessories" 1/2010

"the world of automobile tuning. 12 volt" 2/2010

"the world of automobile tuning. the styling " 3/2010

03.04.2010 " all for furnish, repair and building ", release 11

On the eve of the main building exhibition of 2010 was published new number of the catalogue" all for furnish, repair and building " On

21.03.2010 " "2010

The first release of catalogue " the world of automobile oils and greasings " 70 . "Where to buy".

14.03.2010 The new outcome in the interactive scheme of third transport ring

In the interactive scheme is added an outcome of crossing of the third transport ring with Street krasnokazarmennoj (the lefortovsky bridge)

03.03.2010 "the world of automobile chemistry and cosmetics", release 2

Has come out the second release of catalogue "the world of automobile chemistry and cosmetics"In which means of chemistry and cosmetics for service of cars are presented.

15.02.2010 The online version of our catalogue

"the world of automobile chemistry and cosmetics" 1/2010 In open access

13.02.2010 The catalogue in a mode online

On our site is opened now the online version of catalogue "the world of the equipment for car-care centre".

23.01.2010 New catalogues

GP-SRO.RU >> publishing house "useful pages" Prepares for an exit the next catalogues of a series "the world...:

- " the world of automobile tyres and wheels " 3,
- "the world of automobile chemistry and cosmetics" 2
And the new catalogue - " the world of automobile oils and greasings ".

We hope that they will be interesting and useful both to professionals, and simple motorists.

14.11.2010 The third part of the catalogue "world of automobile tuning" - styling

"the world of automobile tuning. a styling" - the catalogue representing a styling of 17 most popular marks of cars: vaz, audi, bmw, chevrolet, ford, honda, mazda, mercedes-benz, mini, mitsubishi, nissan, opel, peugeot, renault, toyota, volvo, vw.
In the edition guiding prices for elements of external tuning are given.
"Where to buy?" -, .

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